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In a world dominated by digital substitutes of actors, there's no place left for real movie stars.

Fallen heroes of Hollywood had to adapt to this new reality.

Shia couldn't count on the generosity of fate. It's led him to a job of a butcher.

One day, driven by frustration and alcoholic intoxication, he decided to kill every living creature in the domain of his misery.

However, not all of the pigs are ready to meat their destiny.

As the conveyor belt your task is not to let Shia kill young and healthy pigs.


You control the speed of the conveyor belt by moving the mouse left and right.

ALT+F4 combination exits the game.


Życia - lives

Punkty - points

Poziom - level

The game contains an easter egg.


NullReferenceException team:

  • Łukasz Nowak
  • Kamil Gronek
  • Michał Urawski
  • Bartek Wrona
  • Jacek Janaszko

Install instructions

Unpack the .zip file and run ShiaLeButcher.exe


ShiaLeButcher.zip 28 MB